MySkinSelfie is available for anyone to use for skin monitoring. The app is free to download. It has been registered with the MHRA. It is listed on the NHSX digital playbooks for Dermatology https://www.nhsx.nhs.uk/key-tools-and-info/digital-playbooks/dermatology-digital-playbook/patient-facing-app-for-skin-self-monitoring-and-image-sharing-with-clinicians/ .

We are currently in the process of applying for asseessment under the new NHSX Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC).

The Microsoft Azure cloud is our cloud storage partner and all images are fully encrypted in the cloud. The data is held in UK based data centres.

Patients can use MySkinSelfie for self-monitoring and also for remote communication with their Doctor. By using the share function a patient can give their Doctor access to their image cloud allowing remote tele-dermatology consultations to take place. The system can also be useful for district nurses, dentists, podiatry etc.

NHS and private clinics can apply to use the SkinSelfie Platform to securely receive consented images from their patients. Images can be downloaded as automatically labelled folders of jpegs or as a PDF summary document.

The licence fees per organisation are £4999 per year with unlimited users. An individual user license such as a Consultant in private practice will be £999. Reduced fees may be charged for research projects wanting to use the platform.

If you are a Doctor, clinic or research group  wanting to use the MySkinSelfie system please contact us at nuth.myskinselfie@nhs.net or phone 01912824783.


in Newcastle we are starting to use MySkinSelfie in the NHS in a number of situations

  1. Mole monitoring
  2. Monitoring of treatment response
  3. Triage of skin lesions prior to hospital appointments
  4. Remote assessment of psoriasis, acne, hairloss and facial rashes
  5. Remote oncall assessments

We have produced this patient information leaflet to help patients to understand how MySkinSelfie works and how it may help them to manage their skin problem: My Skin Selfie - Leaflet jan 2021 Version 4