Current issues

Is it us or is it you?  We all use different devices and have different firewalls and settings etc. We have done extensive testing on the new version of MSS and have had hundreds of users with no problems. When a user is having difficulties it is often not MSS but the local user environment. However, all software has bugs which can appear in rare scenarios and we want to know about them.

Nov 2021 - no current issues

Previous  issues:-

  1. There is one issue pending a fix . The scenario is as follows:-
  • user creates an account but does not click on the account confirmation email.
  • the app will still work without account confirmation
  • user then logs out and forgets password
  • when the user requests a pw reset , if they have not confirmed the account they get an account not recognised error message.
  • We have notified the developer of this and are waiting for a fix.
  • Contact your clinic if you are unable to use the app and another way to share images or to review your skin problem will be provided


2.  We are getting some rare reports of confirmation emails not arriving. Hotmail accounts have been involved although some hotmail users have been fine. We suspect that it may be to do with local settings or firewalls . We would be interested to know if any other users with other email providers have not received account confirmation emails. Do check junk folders first if there are any problems.



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