MySkinSelfie has been tested by formal usability testing since its first beta versions.

  1. The first research was an internal study in the University where 60 students and staff members used the app for 1 month to test how well it worked. Following feedback changes were made.
  2. Publication in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology. The first study using the app in the NHS was a usability study in patients attending clinics at the RVI. Patients were simply asked to use the app and answer a usability questionnaire. Feedback was generally positive and criticisms have been absorbed to improve the app during the recent upgrade.
  3. Appreferral is a research study in progress. We are investigating the management of acne via MySkinSelfie. The study is currently recruiting patients at the RVI in Newcastle and aims to report in 2020.

MySKinSelfie projects have been presented at academic meetings around the world.

  1. World Congress of Teledermatology, London, 2016
  2. American Academy of Dermatology, Orlando, 2017
  3. Society for Investigative Dermatology, Chicago, 2019
  4. British association of Dermatologists, UK Annual Meeting  2021