Instruction videos

We have worked with ThreeMotionMedia to develop a series of instruction videos to help you to use MySkinSelfie.

Each video explains an individual function of MySkinSelfie.

  1. Introduction to MySkinSelfie


2. How to download the app


3. How to make an account



4. How to make a folder for your images


5. Taking an image of your skin lesion or other skin condition


6. How to use the shadow function. If you are monitoring a skin lesion, the shadow function allows you  to line up your second image so that it is in exactly the same position as the first image. This can be very useful for long term monitoring of skin lesions or for monitoring the response of a rash to treatment.

7. How to compare 2 images from a folder

8. Making comments about images in a  folder


9. How to share access to your image folder with your Doctor.