Remote Consultations

If you have been asked to use MySkinSelfie by your specialist , make sure that you know the clinic code to share access to your image cloud. You will need to enter this code when you select the share function.

Succesful use of MySkinSelfie at Newcastle Hospitals NHS trust

Newcastle Dermatology are using MySkinSelfe for remote assessment of basal cell skin cancer, psoriasis, acne and alopecia areata. Follow the links below to see presentations on the basal cell skin cancer and acne pathways.

Basal cell skin cancer

Acne BAD Conference 2021 remote acne with MySkinSelfie poster



You may be asked by your Doctor to take some photos of your skin problem using the MySkinSelfie app.  The app is used for monitoring skin conditions AND for sharing images with your Doctor.


You will need to

  1. Download the app, make an account and create an image folder
  2. Share access to the folder with your Doctor or Clinic
  • Create your account, try to enter your NHS number if you have it, create your first folder and label it with the name of your problem e.g. rash on hands or skin lesion on nose.
  • Take a number of photos in the folder.
  • The app is also designed for skin monitoring so the first image in a folder becomes a template for subsequent images. If you are taking pictures of different areas, use the slider bar to remove the first image outline.
  • Once you have taken enough photos select the share button at the bottom right hand corner.


  • Share access to your images with your Doctor or clinic. When the app asks who you want to share the images with use the clinic code that you will have been given by your clinic.  This should be in the letter you have been sent or it will have been givento you by your Doctor.
  • Your images will become available in the Doctor's account and they will get an email notification to tell them that you have shared access to your image folder.
  • Your Doctor or clinic  will assess the images and then phone you to discuss the skin problem
  • REMEMBER- Your Doctor will not be able to view your images until you have shared access to your image folder